Production systems solution matrix for recurrent systemic issues.

The method described hereafter is to be used once issues have led to the identification of recurrent root causes or after auditing a production system.
This method is inspired from the Altshuller matrix (a good reference is to be found here), which is a cornerstone of the TRIZ approach.
The underlying idea for the standard solutions matrix is that an issue is an unacceptable standard output caused by a dysfunctional standard input for a specific standard process step (it follows the same logic as that described for the definitions of the 7 standard wastes).
The standard outputs are considered from a customer standpoint. Therefore, we will limit them the quality and time factors.
When observing the practical standard problem resolution tools available in the best known improvement systems (Lean, Six Sigma, Theory of Constraints), it appears that they can be structured according to the above mentioned criteria.


For details about each of the tools mentioned in this matrix, please refer to the abundant Lean / Six Sigma literature. “Lean and Six Sigma Demystified” by Jay Arthur is a good introduction.




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